so, i’ve dreamt about this tiny hone-in-the-wall thai place probably hundreds of time, even though i’ve never been there in real life. just a tiny place run by a small family, a mom and her two daughters. just incredible, mind-blowing food i’ll never forget.

the building they were in was huge and above the restaurant was a super rickety old apartment building. they owned a few of them and ran a sort-of bed and breakfast type mini hotel. i think it was modeled after this place i stayed at in amsterdam — a restaurant on the bottom floor, a few rooms for rent above it. i remember the rooms being very small for a very large me but that was to be expected of a hotel in another country.

anyway today, i dreamt about it again… but instead of an awesome meal and a stay at the too-small hotel, we got the news that mom had died from covid that she caught from a guest and the daughters and i were hugging and crying when i woke up and what the absolute fuck i loved this place i’d never been to, this family i’d never met, and both probably didn’t even exist…